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Stewart Island Airport
Map and nearest places
General informations
Airport typeLocal airport
Elevation262ft / 80mMSL
On 01-16-2020 14:41 Jerzy said:
Probably the fastest way to get from Krakow to Stewart island (New Zeand) is:from KRK to ORD(Chicago) , American or LOT Airlines.From ORD to AKL,(Auckland) to IVC (Invercargill) Air New Zeald last short part IVC to SZS on plane Stewart Island Flights.
On 01-16-2020 13:58 Jerzy said:
Stewart Island Flights is a small New Zealand airline offering scheduled flights with light aircraft between Invercargill and Stewart Island.
On 01-16-2020 13:54 Jerzy said:
Only 20 minute flight time from Invercargill Airport main terminal to Oban, Stewart Island.

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