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On 01-14-2018 16:56 Jerzy said:
Hello Ash Nice to hear you.Hope you could help me develop better guide for places in Peru.Will be nice to hear you.Sorry for delay in my answer.Best regards Jerzy
On 11-28-2017 23:45 Ash-TTT said:
Hi Jerzy, I see you\'ve written about Iquitos on your site and the link is broken. After living and working in Iquitos, we\'ve made an Iquitos Travel Guide that covers more points not covered by the other articles you link to, such as protected area, best time to visit, things to do, tours, and cruises. I thought you might be interested as it will provide more value to users than a broken link if you wanted to swap it for this. Kind regards, Ash
On 11-28-2017 22:58 Ash-TTT said:
As another resource, we\'ve written a complete travel guide on Iquitos to help visitors with best time to go, protected areas, recommended cruises, tours, and lodges, and things to do.

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