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Tuuta Airport
Map and nearest places
General informations
Airport typeLocal airport
Elevation43 ft / 13 m MSL
On 09-21-2019 21:04 Jerzy said:
Now faster you can fly FlyDubai from Krakow to Dubai.Next Emirates to Auckland last part by Air Chathams.
On 07-02-2017 09:40 Jerzy said:
How to get from Krakow to Tuuta Airport. First you need to get from Krakow to any airport in Europe where flew Qatar Airlines like :Warsaw,Amsterdam,Copenhagen,Heathrow,Dublin,Milan and few more places.Next from Europe to Aucklnd via Doda.Last route it isAuckland - Tuuta Airport using Air Chathams plane. So we have three stops on way from Krakow to Chathams Islands.
On 06-16-2016 13:53 Jerzy said:
Most distant airport for Kraków

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